AspeireDC Health Services was founded in 2018 with the goal of providing support services to people with disabilities. It was inspired by the fact that one of its co-founders who was morbidly obesse, was able to achieve a healthy weight loss after years of struggle. Inspired by this, the founders who previously had years of healthcare experience, decided to offer an expanded array of services to people with disabilities.

AspireDC Health Services has been established to provide services and supports to people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities; empowering them with independence and integration with their community. We provide those we support with the critical services they need to set attainable goals and develop action plans toward maintaining stable, safe and affordable housing, gaining sustainable employment and living the lives they want, within their community.

Our services include: 
- In-Home Services
- Respite Services
- Host Home Services
- Supported Living Services
- Weight Management Services
- Any additional services you need...
Qualified Staff
Our team of compassionate and highly qualified staff is committed to your success.
24/7 Emergency Cases
You can reach us any time of the day or night if you need emergency services.
Free Online Consultation
Contact us online for a free consultation and evaluation of your needs.